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UNDPOLAR and POPBACK thematic workshop – A multilevel understanding of populist polarisation and its impact on democracy: Bridging the macro and the micro

The NORFACE Governance UNDPOLAR and POPBACK consortia have joined forces to organize the thematic workshop on the nexus between populism, polarization, and democracy.

17.10.2022, 08:00 -
17.10.2022, 10:00

Muntpunt Library
Munt 6

Event details

The NORFACE Governance UNDPOLAR and POPBACK consortia have joined forces to organize this thematic workshop on the nexus between populism, polarization, and democracy.

An in-person meeting is foreseen at this moment. The workshop will, however, strictly adhere to Covid regulations so that a switch to a hybrid/virtual format can be required. The participants will be notified in such a case. Workshop attendance is free of charge, and travel grants might be available, but accommodation will have to be funded by the respective consortiums.

Building on these concerns about the current state of democracy, this workshop aims to map and tackle the significant challenges to democracy in turbulent times and focuses specifically on the complex relationship between populism, polarization, and democracy. Moreover, it seeks to do so interdisciplinary by including scholars from social sciences and humanities, particularly political science, social psychology, political economy, legal studies, and media studies.

Call for papers

Organizers invite papers dealing with polarization, populism, and democracy, or a combination of these topics. The workshop welcomes original empirical work and theoretical papers and is open to papers from all methodological traditions assuming that the papers deal with the central topic. Moreover, the workshop will be open to cross-nationally comparative and case studies with a broad geographical focus. The proposals can include planned, ongoing or finished work.

The deadline for submission is 30.06.2022.

More details here.