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NORFACE GOVERNANCE Online Lecture Series #2

The CrimScapes will organize the second Online lecture series as a crucial part of the dissemination practices for the governance program. 

23.02.2023, 10:00 -
23.02.2023, 11:30

Online, MS Teams

We are happy to announce the second NORFACE GOVERNANCE Online Lecture Series!

In this series, academic and professional experts will present their findings or views on topics related to "Democratic Governance in a Turbulent Age." Professional experts include policymakers, democratic representatives, communication professionals, law professionals, and journalists.

The second session is organized by CrimScapes and will be held by Prof. Dr. Manuela Boatcă from the University of Freiburg with the topic:

"Brothers in Crime? Occidentalist Citizenship Policies in Unequal Europe".


Citizenship is a core mechanism for the maintenance of global inequalities in a world capitalist system. It is on the basis of citizenship that the reproduction of global inequalities in the postcolonial present, i.e., their coloniality, is being enacted. The commodification of citizenship to the benefit of non-Western wealthy investors one the one hand, and its policing and restriction for labor migrants on the other, currently signal an economic and epistemic renegotiation of citizenship, respectively. The paper focuses on the role of the European East in these negotiations, arguing that, as often in its history, the region is a geopolitical and epistemic buffer zone that often withstands pressure from the Western core by passing it on to non-European others and thus reproducing Occidentalist premises.

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