Norface GOVERNANCE hosted its first Early-Career Club Session

Norface GOVERNANCE hosted its first Early-Career Club Session

News | 15.11.2021

NORFACE GOVERNANCE held its first Early-Career Club Session on November 11th. The meeting was held online due to the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic.

In this session, two members of NORFACE projects, DEEPEN (Democratic Governance of Funded Pension Schemes) and QUEST (Qualify Unification in Europe for Shifting Trust), presented their work to the EC Club members. After that, other members discussed their work with their questions and observations.

The meeting was very productive for the members who exhibited, as well as for other participants.

Early-Career Club is supposed to break boundaries across the different consortia and create networking and interdisciplinary collaborations opportunities. The goal of the Early-Career Club is to provide some avenue for early-stage researchers from various backgrounds to freely discuss and develop their research ideas and get helpful feedback. This is particularly beneficial for presenting and getting feedbacks for projects/papers at early-stage development.


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