NORFACE Governance Panel at the ECPR 2022

NORFACE Governance Panel at the ECPR 2022

News | 23.05.2022

NORFACE Governance will have its own panel at the ECPR conference in Innsbruck on August 22-26, with contributions from DATADRIVEN, EUINACTION, RUDE, and ReConnect. 

This panel presents the first insights of the sixth NORFACE transnational programme, Democratic governance in a turbulent age (GOVERNANCE). Four projects present the first results of their research:

  • "The Bright Side of Data-Driven Campaigning? How Targeting can be Beneficial for Society" (Authors: Kate Dommett, Rachel Gibson, Sanne Kruikemeier, and Sophie Lecheler) – DATADRIVEN
  • "Leveraging politicization? National governments' success in defining Council position for legislative negotiations." (Authors: Anastasia Ershova, Zachary Greene, Aleksandra Khokhlova, Christine Sylvester, and Nikoleta Yordanova) – EUINACTION
  • "The Geography of Autocracy. Regime Preferences along the Rural-Urban Divide in 29 Countries" (Authors: Alina Zumbrunn and Markus Freitag) – RUDE
  • "Re-connecting access to benefits? Administrative burdens and welfare to work" (Authors: Martin Lodge and Alice Moore) – ReConnect

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