Numerous activities of the Norface project QUEST in 2021

Numerous activities of the Norface project QUEST in 2021

News | 29.11.2021

The Norface GOVERNANCE project QUEST has had a number of important activities in the current year, including congresses, seminars, conferences, and other important meetings.

QUEST is a cross-national project that focuses on the shifting nature of identities and representations of Muslims in four European contexts: France, Norway, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Dissemination events

  • 28-29/10/2021 – QUEST team member Ghufran Khir Allah spoke about “A Semiotic Approach to Hijab visibility at the public Sphere: Is the hijab a sign or a symbol?” at Online Congress "Congreso Internacional Sobre El Mundo Árabe Y Occidente: El mundo árabe e islámico ante los retos del tercer milenio" (I edition) organized by Cadiz University, Spain.
  • 13-14/12/2021 – Ghufran Khir Allah also spoke about “A Cultural Symbol or a Religious Sign: Where is the problem?” at the "El Foro de Investigación sobre el Mundo Árabe y Musulmán (FIMAM)" organized by Universidad Granada, Spain. 
  • 07/07/2021 – QUEST team members Berta Alvarez-Miranda and Elisa Brey spoke about "Measuring experiences of discrimination in Europe. A comparison of recent official surveys" at the IMISCOE Annual Conference. 

International meetings 

  • 18th and 24-25/02/2021 – María Ángeles Cea D’Ancona, Berta Álvarez-Miranda, and Cecilia Eseverri-Mayer participated in the kickoff meeting online, with other teams of the project.
  • 4-6/07/2021 – Berta Álvarez-Miranda participated in the meeting organized by the EHESS partner in Paris.
  • 17/11/2021 – Berta Álvarez-Miranda, Elisa Brey, and Ghufran Khir Allah participated in the meeting on WP1 online with other project teams.

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