QUEST and CRIMSCAPES thematic workshop on the politics of threat

QUEST and CRIMSCAPES thematic workshop on the politics of threat

News | 04.12.2022

The projects QUEST and CRIMSCAPES, in partnership with Casa Arabe in Cordoba, Spain, on October 26, organized the second Norface Governance thematic workshop. The event brought together civil society and academic audiences in conversations about different elements (historical, political, social, etc.) that have shaped the contemporary political climate in several EU contexts and which have at their core the issue of Muslims/minorities as central to a politics of threat.

Casa Arabe, a cooperation partner in the QUEST project, hosted the workshop. The venue, located in the historic center of Cordoba, proved an inspirational site for critical reflection on the theme of this workshop.

The morning session featured ongoing research from the QUEST and CRIMSCAPES projects based on evaluating critical events or salient happenings that position Muslims/minorities at the center of a politics of threat in select European societies.

The afternoon session was influenced by the material surrounding the workshop space, where echoes of conviviality fostered over 500 years ago in the city became the stage to consider potential futures where Muslims/minorities play a role in helping to address the politics of threat that pervade European societies. To this end, the workshop benefited from the input of civil society actors from France and Spain and reflections from researchers working with different societal actors in the UK, Norway, Germany, and Poland.

The workshop also featured a keynote address by Claire de Galembert, Research Fellow at the CNRS (France), followed by a roundtable discussion that engaged all the contributions toward a consideration of how a multi-actor and a multi-disciplinary approach can contribute to addressing the politics of threat in Europe.

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