Brief scholar interviews

Brief scholar interviews

NORFACE Governance presenting Interview Series

In this video series we feature PIs of our 14 NORFACE Governance research projects. PIs will present their current work and answer on some important questions regarding their areas of research.


POPBACK Interview

NORFACE Governance started video series with POPBACK principal investigator prof. dr. Gerhard Schnyder. We talked about political populism as a mainstream phenomenon, the distinction between neoliberalism, illiberalism, and non-liberalism, and how populism and different types of liberalism correlate with the real economic problems people face in Europe.



Our second video features EUINACTION’s Prof. Dr. Nikoleta Yordanova, Prof. Dr. Zachary Greene, and Fabian David Schmidt. In their interview, they speak about the politicization of the EU, the problem of transferring national competencies at the EU level, and innovative tools for automated analysis of multilingual political and legal texts.


ExId Interview

Our third video features ExId’s Prof. Dr. Stephane Baele. In the interview, he speaks about the far-right online ecosystem, the use of language and visuals by far-right extremists, and the evolving politics of threat.




Our fourth video features THREATPIE’s Prof. Dr. Agnieszka Stępińska. In the interview, she speaks about the concept of 'the political information environment (PIE), innovatively designed studies, and 'media diet."