New POPBACK Policy Fellows announced

New POPBACK Policy Fellows announced

News | 05.10.2021

The Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP) at the University of Cambridge announced the new POPBACK International Policy Fellows:

Tija Jakič, Member of the Programme Committee and Field Coordinator, Research Institute 8th of March (Inštitut 8. Marec), Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dr. Daniela Kraus, General Secretary, Presseclub Concordia, Vienna, Austria

Dr. Peter Kreko, Director of Political Capital and Associate Professor at ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary

Jaroslaw Kuisz, Editor in Chief, The Liberal Culture Internet Weekly and Assistant Professor, University of Warsaw, Poland

Maria Mayrhofer, Founding Executive Director, #aufstehn, Vienna, Austria

You can read more about the new international policy fellow here.

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